9 Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools 2017 [Latest]

Android Hacking Apps

Android Hacking Apps and Tools 2017 – Android is the biggest operating system for smart phones. Almost 70% smart phone users are using android phones. One of the main reasons behind Android’s success is its app store which contains tons of free and paid applications. With tons of good applications there are applications available for android users which can be used as hacking tool. In this article we will share some of these android Hacking Apps and tools which are hidden from normal users from last few years. 

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Android Hacking Apps – Zanti is a penetration and security testing android application for wireless internet networks. Major use of this application is testing your wifi security. But this app can also help you to hack wifi networks, even spy on other users and spoofing them. 


We all knew that SQL injection are used to exploit the vulnerabilities of a website. DriodSQLi enables you android phone to do the same. So hurry up and hack precious data while you ride on subway to reach home in evening.

WPA WPS Tester

WPA WPS Testers allow you to test vulnerabilities of your WiFi network. You can also find vulnerabilities of other WiFi and hack their password by simply entering pin generated by WPA WPS Tester application. You can only use this application on rooted android phones.


Nmap android application is used by networking professional to explore network. It will help you to find who is connected, who is trying to connect, ports, protocols, hosts and other details of your network on just few clicks. You can find vulnerabilities and fix them before anyone exploit them.

APK Inspector

APK Inspector helps you to reverse engineer you favorite android application. This enables you to change anything in the source code to change it as you desired. With APK Inspector you can have unlimited coins and gold in games, unlock features and perform many more things. Unfortunately you have to root your Android phone to use APK Inspector.


This is by far the first remote administration tool for android users. You can use AndroRAT to gain remote access of your client’s computer.

WiFi Kill

That name tells a lot about what this app can do. Yes, this app help you to kill the connection of every other device connected to your network so you can have the best speed.

Fing Network Scanner

Fing network scanner is network inspection tool available for Android, windows, iOs users. You can scan the network to discover connected devices and other basic information about them. Even people will no tech knowledge can use Fing Network Scanner.

Face Niff

Face niff allows user to hijack live web sessions of people connected to same network as you. This android hacking app can sniff WiFi networks secured with WEP, WPA and WAP-2. They only thing Face niff cannot sniff is secured browsing.

I hope these 9 Android Hacking apps and tools will help to enhance your android experience and performance. For more keep visiting. Don’t forget to mention your favorite android hacking applications and tools in comments.


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