How To Change Facebook Name After Limit 2017

How To Change Facebook Name After Limit

How To Change Facebook Name After Limit – Facebook becomes the biggest social media website since its launch in 2004. There are 1 billion Facebook users across the world and numbers are still growing every day. Most Facebook users often complain about many FB drawbacks and limitations. One of these limitation is about changing name of your Facebook account. People can only change their name five times from a given list of names they recently used.

There are two types of limits faced by users while changing their Facebook name. Firstly they can only change their Facebook profile name after 60 days of last change. Secondly they can’t change their after they cross the limit of changing name of Facebook profile. Here we are going to discuss the solution of both these problems.

Change your Facebook Profile Name before 60 Days of Last Change In few Minutes

Facebook is encouraging people to change their profile name to their original name as mentioned in any official documents i.e Identity card, certificates, degrees and others. We can use this feature to change our name even before 60 days limit.

How To Change Facebook Name After Limit 2017


Follow below mentioned steps to change your Facebook profile name during 60 days limit.

  1. Confirm that limit for changing name is currently present or not. If it exceeds then jump to second method. If you still have limit then follow the same procedure.
  2. Click here to open  Link in a new tab.
  3. Write your first name, middle name, and surname in specific tabs.
  4. Give them a reason for this change.
  5. Attach your government identity card, driving license or any other official document with clear picture and information about you.
  6. Facebook support will respond in 24 hours after you requested them for a name change.



  • You can only change your name to your original name.
  • You can’t use this procedure multiple times as Facebook manually checks all provided information.


Changing your Facebook Name After Limit

Follow below mentioned procedure to change your Facebook profile name after reaching limit.

  1. Open link by clicking here.
  2. Give them a reason to reset your account password, names and other things which were recently changed.
  3. Change your password and skip other option until you find the name changing tab.
  4. Change your name.



  • You can only use this option to change your name within few days of last change.
  • You can also use another approach to change your name.


Follow below mentioned steps to change you Facebook name.

  • Go to account settings edit name and change name from drop down options.
  • Then do to security and click deactivate my account.
  • Give them reason that your account is hacked and click deactivate.
  • Facebook will provide you an option to recover your account. Click on secure your account tab to proceed.
  • Follow the procedures to change your Facebook Profile name.


I hope all above mentioned methods to change your Facebook name after limit will help you to change Facebook name infinite times without any problem. For more updates keep visiting. You can also ask for help in comments.  


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